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Alternative Spare Parts for Komatsu since 1978

The Excellent Quality of our products

ETP® (Europe Tractor Parts), founded in 1978 by Mr. Andrea Bonomi, thanks to experience, accuracy and professionalism, nowadays is considered the leading worldwide manufacturer of high quality replacement parts suitable for Komatsu earthmoving machines.

Thanks to a dynamic staff who fluently speaks English, Spanish, French, German and Russian; to a warehouse that count on 20.000 different items on stock and in constant development in order to introduce more and more references; to an operating unit of 10.000 m² equipped with the most innovative industrial technologies and to an excellent logistic that can manages both emergency and stock orders, today ETP® is distributing its products in more than 60 countries covering Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Southeast and Central Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific area, United States, Canada, Central and South America.

  • Ricambi komatsu
    Ricambi komatsu
    Ricambi komatsu

A reliable and qualified provider

During all these years, our constant commitment made possible that ETP® become synonym of quality.

Our main goal is to provide replacement parts with an excellent quality in the shortest time possible. This is the reason for which we work every day to expand our product range.

A web quoting system allows our worldwide distribution network to check to check quantities on stock, prices, cross references, pictures and the status of an order at anytime.

  • Ricambi escavatori Komatsu
    Ricambi escavatori Komatsu
    Ricambi escavatori Komatsu

Certificato TÜV UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

ETP® is also TuV UNI En ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

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"Al Via" Nuovi segmenti di mercato

L’azienda ha intrapreso un programma di investimento agevolato a valere sul POR FESR Regione Lombardia, Asse prioritario III – Promuovere la competitività delle piccole e medie Imprese – Agevolazioni lombarde per la valorizzazione degli investimenti aziendali “Al Via”.

Con il presente progetto d’investimento, l’Azienda ha ampliato la propria capacità produttiva, in particolar modo verso un nuovo segmento di mercato che evidenzia un importante trend di crescita all’interno del settore auto-motive: macchine movimento terra, quale i sistemi ad alimentazione ibrida.

Attraverso lo strumento agevolativo l’azienda ha ricevuto un beneficio così composto:
- Finanziamento 396.950,00 €
- Contributo 70.050,00 €.

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